Explore and extract data on Malawi's minerals

Migodi Yathu enables you to map, find, browse and search companies involved in exploring and extracting Malawi’s minerals. You can find the type of licences that have been issued, the companies that are involved and the minerals being sought. You can also filter the data to learn which projects and companies are operating near your home.

This information is in the public domain but generally very hard to access and use in advocacy. Ongoing data collection requires scraping and searching the web, visits to different government offices to find records for companies, sorting through hardcopies of many, many documents, and more. The portal aims to help you dig deeper into Malawi’s minerals data that can be used in your advocacy for promoting responsible resource governance.

“We want to make sure that Malawi does not just have a transparent governance of the sector, but actually reaches higher levels of accountability for the benefit of the people”
Hon Goodall E. Gondwe, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

Migodi Yathu is a work in progress. In the coming months, you can expect to see company ownership, revenue and production information along with environmental and social commitments companies make. It is the first attempt by civil society to make this information more accessible and understandable.

This site is a project being implemented by Citizens for Justice on behalf of Publish What You Malawi and the Natural Resources Justice Network with support from Matchbox by The Engine Room.

Rachel Etter-Phoya (@Mininginmalawi) and Elyvin Nkhonjera Chawinga (@Elyvin) are curating this site. We welcome your feedback - if you notice a gap, have more information, want assistance in understanding the data or have a suggestion please contact us.

Matchbox by The Engine Room provides social change projects with data, technology, and strategic support.

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NRJN - Natural Resource Justice Network

Established in 2007, NRJN is the only network in Malawi that draws together actors and activists in the civic space working on the extractive industries for socio- economic justice and equitable and sustainable exploitation. Citizens for Justice is currently serves as the Secretariat for NRJN

PWYP Malawi - Publish What You Pay Malawi

PWYP Malawi joined the global coalition of over 40 countries that through PWYP are calling call for an open and accountable extractive sector that improves the lives of people and is carried out in a responsible manner. PWYP Malawi falls under the umbrella of NRJN and is currently hosted by Citizens for Justice.

Main Contributors

web.burza - web development

web.burza is a Croatian-based digital agency specializing in user journeys and full-stack development.

Open Data Kosovo - back end and data harmonization

ODK is a Kosovo-based tech nonprofit dedicated to improving good governance through technology and open data.

Res4Dev - data modelling and sector specific expertise

Res4Dev is a policy research firm assisting citizens in resource-rich developing countries.


While strenuous efforts have been made to check the veracity of data presented on this website, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Some inaccuracies may occur - for example when company filings with various statutory bodies are not up to date. Where possible, the sources of information are indicated. The data is regularly updated.